Fancy Peanut Butter and Apples

March 6, 2017

Make peanut butter and apples fancy like Fancy Nancy:

These (mostly) kid friendly instructions demonstrate how to make peanut butter and apples fancy by slicing the apples thinly and piping a picture on the plate.


What you'll need:



1. Get the apple, scissors and the cutting board.


2. Cut the apple in four pieces.


3. Cut each piece into very thin slices.


4. Set the apples aside. Get out the peanut butter, Ziplock bag and butter knife (the butter knife failed to make the shot). 


5. Use the knife to get some peanut butter and put the peanut butter into the corner of the Ziplock bag.


It should look like this:


6. Squeeze the peanut butter into the corner of the Ziplock bag with your hand.


7. Cut the corner of the Ziplock bag with the scissors. Don't cut too much.


8. Get the plate. Now squeeze the peanut butter slowly out of the bag to draw a fancy picture! This is Daniel Tiger:

 Actual Daniel Tiger:


9. Finish your fancy apples by arraying the thin apple slices. Bon Appétit!



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