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Links to Buy Smart Trainers for Zwift and Links to Reviews

February 19, 2018


This page lists links to buy all of the smart trainers posted on Zwift's Supported Trainers pageI wrote it because the page on Zwift's website as of Feb 18th 2018 does not have this info. It also lists some of the YouTube and written reviews and makes a recommendation on which you should get (TL;DR: get the Wahoo Kickr Snap). Link to the spreadsheet.




Wheel-On or Direct Drive?






Wheel-On Pros: Lighter, compatible with most bikes

Cons: Make sure tire pressure is right, tire is clean, tire slippage, tire wear, 5-10% power accuracy


Direct Drive Pros: No slippage, no tire wear, 1-5% power accuracy, no cals or minimum cals, a little more road-like

Cons: Need to match the # of gears, need to take tire off


Verdict: Get a Wheel-On: You save $600.00 with a Wheel-On, its lighter and compatible with most bikes. 



Which One?


Of all the trainers, I suggest the Wahoo Kickr Snap. Its compatible with Zwift, is $600.00 and you can get it directly from Wahoo. 

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