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  • Zach Pfeffer

The C Programming Language Preface and Chapter 0 Read Aloud

This post links to a read aloud of the preface and chapter 0 of the first version of The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie [Amazon]. It also contains links to more info about the people, programming languages and machines referenced.


Chapter 0


Brian W. Kernighan [link]

Dennis M Ritchie [link]


Mike Bianchi

Jim Blue

Stu Feldman

Doug McIlroy [link]

Bill Roome

Bob Rosin

Larry Rosler


Al Aho [link]

Steve Bourne

Dan Dvorak

Chuck Haley

Debbie Haley

Marion Harris

Rick Holt

Steve Johnson

John Mashey

Bob Mitze

Ralph Muha

Peter Nelson

Elliot Pinson

Bill Plauger

Jerry Spivack

Ken Thompson

Peter Weinberger

Mike Lesk

Joe Ossanna


BCPL creator Martin Richards [link]

B created by Ken Thompson [link]


UNIX [link]


PDP-7 [link]

PDP-11 [link]

IBM System/370 [link]

Honeywell 6000 [link]

Interdata 8/32 [link]


PL/I [link]

Algol 68 [link]

BCPL [link]

B [link]

ANSI Fortran [link]

Pascal [link]


lint [link]

Other Resources

An Oral History of Unix at [link]

Bell Labs Life in the Crown Jewel at [link]

A History of Modern Computing at [link]

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