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Format JavaScript in Vim on Windows per Google's Style Guide

December 17, 2018


This post lists how to use clang-format in Vim on Windows while writing JavaScript code as suggested in Googles JavaScript style guide.


Versions Used

  • Windows 7 SP1

  • VIM - Vi IMproved 8.1 (2018 May 18, compiled Dec 16 2018 23:02:07) available at [link]

  • LLVM 8.0.0 @ SVN r347735 (29 November 2018) at [link] posted at [link]

  • Python 3.7.1 at [link]




1. Download Python 3.7.1 at [link].


Install it using defaults for all options.



2. Download gvim_8.1.0606_x64-mui2.exe at [link].


Install it using defaults for all options.


It will be installed to c:\Program Files\vim.



3. Download the Windows installer (64-bit) LLVM-8.0.0-r347735 at [link]


Use the following settings when installing LLVM:


During installation: select Add LLVM to the system PATH for all users and select the Create LLVM Desktop Icon checkbox


...and accept the default Destination Folder C:\Program Files\LLVM


Install it.



4. Open your _vimrc by typing :vi ~\_vimrc 


Add the following to your _vimrc file:

This allows the user to visually select code and press control-k to format it according to Google JavaScript coding guidelines. 


It also auto formats the code when the file is saved.  



5. Type :source ~\_vimrc to read the file into the currently running session. 



6. Type :vi ~/test.js and paste this in:



7. Type :w


If everything is working you'll see:


8. To test, open another Vim window and type :vi ~\program.html


Paste this:


9. Open c:\Users\pfefferz\program.html


(replace pfefferz with your username)


You should see:




  • Clang Vim Integration instructions at [link]

  • Google JavaScript style guide at [link]

  • vimrc help at [link]

  • Download gvim at [link]

  • JavaScript example from p.66 (HTML test on p.4) of JavaScript. The Good Parts. First Edition.


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