Use in Google Drive (and Get Rid of )

June 30, 2019


This post lists step by step instructions for using draw,io in Google Drive. It also list how to get rid of it. 





Google Drive has you CONNECT to an app you want to use (install the app) and DISCONNECT from an app you don't want to use (uninstall). 





Connect (or any app)


Step 1: Click New

Step 2: 

A. Click More

B. Click Connect more apps


Step 3:

A. Type draw and hit ENTER on your keyboard

B. Click the CONNECT button next to Diagrams  



Step 4:

A. Look for the green checkmark in the corner of the entry

B. Ensure the checkbox is checked to use Diagrams as the default app to open files in can open

C. Click OK


Step 5: Click the x


Step 6: Check that you can access

A. Click New

B. Click More

C. Click Diagrams




Disconnect (or any app)


Step 1: 

A. Click the gear icon

B. Click Settings 




Step 2: 

A. Click Manage Apps

B. Click the OPTIONS drop down

B. Click Disconnect from Drive


Step 3: Click DISCONNECT


Step 4: Click DONE




  • Steps to remove apps from Google Drive found at [link]

  • Drive logo from [link]




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