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Contents of DoD SBIR/STTR 20.1 Cost Volume Info Pop-Ups: Fringe Benefits, Fully Loaded Labor Rate, e

This post presents the contents of the "info pop-ups" on each page of the DoD SBIR/STTR 20.1 Vol III Cost Volume online form and the Labor Category Options available. I'm listing it because I could not find these without first getting into the form and I thought that other SBIR/STTR applicants that are putting their Cost Volumes together may like to see the "info pop-ups" and Labor Category Options outside the online form so that they can start their Cost Volumes outside their tool.

Labor Categories

"Labor Categories facilitate classification of the work/labor to be performed. The labor category chosen should be in alignment with the role. You must choose from the predefined list of labor categories, with the option to select "Not Specified" if there is no appropriate match."

Labor Category Options

Architectural and Engineering Manager Aerospace Engineer Biomedical Engineer Chemical Engineer Civil Engineer Computer Hardware Engineer Electrical Engineer Electronics Engineer Except Computer Environmental Engineer Industrial Engineer Materials Engineer Mechanical Engineer Nuclear Engineer Engineers, All Other Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician Civil Engineering Technician Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician Electro-Mechanical Technician Environmental Engineering Technician Industrial Engineering Technician Mechanical Engineering Technician Engineering Technicians Engineering Technicians, Except Draftees, All Other Chemical Technician Nuclear Technician Life, Physical, and Social Technician, All Other Biochemists and Biophysicists Microbiologist Medical Scientist Astronomer Physicist Atmospheric and Space Scientist Chemist Materials Scientist Geoscientist Physical Scientists, All Other Life Scientists, All Other Computer and Information Research Scientist Computer Systems Analyst Computer Programmer Software Developer Computer Occupations, All Other Chief Executive General and Operations Manager Not Specified

Fringe Benefits

"Fringe benefits are employee associated costs such as health plan expenses, pension plan expenses and workman's compensation expenses, among others. These costs are expressed as a rate by employee class. The rate is the pooled costs of these benefits divided by the total salaries in each employee class."

Fully Loaded Labor Rate

"Fully loaded labor rate is the full hourly cost to employ a worker, which includes wages and the burden of the additional costs such a fringe benefits, health insurance", facilities costs, etc."

G&A Costs

"Possible G&A cost elements include Rent, Utilities, and Management"

Shared Costs

"Shared costs are to be subtracted from total cost"

Profit Rate

"Profit is to be added to total cost"


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