Abbreviations, Acronyms from CM-SP-PHYv3.1-I17-190917 and Notes

May 25, 2020

 This post provides the list of abbreviations and acronyms from the Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications DOCSIS® 3.1 Physical Layer Specification CM-SP-PHYv3.1-I17-190917 (pages 30-33) from CableLabs®. It also lists a some notes next to select abbreviations and acronyms to help describe the system or interface a specific abbreviation or acronym names.


μs Microsecond
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noise
BCH Bose, Ray-Chaudhuri, Hocquenghem (Codes)
BER 1) Bit Error Ratio; 2) Bit Error Rate
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
BW Bandwidth
CableLabs Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
CEA Consumer Electronics Association
ceil Ceiling
CENELEC European Committee For Electrotechnical Standardization
CER Codeword Error Ratio
CL 1) Convergence Layer; 2) Cablelabs
CM Cable Modem [wiki]
CMCI Cable Modem-To-Customer Premises Equipment Interface [standard]
CMTS Cable Modem Termination System [wiki]
CNR Carrier To Noise Ratio
CP 1) Cyclic Prefix; 2) Complementary Pilot
CPD Common Path Distortion
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CS Cyclic Suffix
CSO Composite Second Order
CTB Composite Triple Beat
CW 1) Continuous Wave; 2) Codeword
dB Decibel
dBc Decibel Carrier
dBmV Decibel Millivolt
dBr Decibel Reference
D3.1 DOCSIS Version 3.1
DCID Downstream Channel Identifier
DEPI Downstream External PHY Interface
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DLS DOCSIS Light Sleep (Mode)
DOCSIS Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications
DOCSIS 1.x Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications Version 1.0 or 1.1
DOCSIS 2.0 Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications Version 2.0
DOCSIS 3.0 Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications Version 3.0
DOCSIS 3.1 Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications Version 3.1
DRFI DOCSIS Downstream Radio Frequency Interface Specification
DRW Dynamic Range Window
DS Downstream
DSG DOCSIS Set-Top Gateway [Interface Specification]

DTI DOCSIS Timing Interface [Specification]
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting [Project]
DVB-C2 "Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Frame Structure Channel Coding And Modulation For A Second
Generation Digital Transmission System For Cable Systems (DVB-C2)"
eDOCSIS Embedded Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications
EM Energy Management [Message]
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EN European Standard (Européen Norme)
EQAM Edge Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (Modulator)
ERMI Edge Resource Manager Interface (Specification)
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FEC Forward Error Correction
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FIR Finite Impulse Response
FR Fine Ranging
ft 1) Foot; 2) Feet
FTTH Fiber To The Home
GB (Chinese) National Standard (Guobiao)
GB/T (Chinese) Recommended National Standard (Guobiao Tuijian)
GD Group Delay
GDV Group Delay Variation
GF Galois Field
GHz Gigahertz
GT Guard Time
HFC Hybrid Fiber/Coax
HRC Harmonic Related Carriers
Hz Hertz
I In-Phase
ICI Inter-Carrier Interference
I-CMTS Integrated Cable Modem Termination System
ID Identifier
IDFT Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IFFT Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
IP Internet Protocol
IPDR Internet Protocol Detail Record
IPv4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6
IR Initial Ranging
IRC Incremental Related Carriers
ISI Inter-Symbol Interference
ISO International Organization For Standardization
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITU-T ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
kb Kilobit

kHz Kilohertz
L2VPN Layer 2 Virtual Private Network
LAN Local Area Network
LDPC Low-Density Parity Check
LFSR Linear Feedback Shift Register
LLR Log-Likelihood Ratio
log Logarithm
LSB Least Significant Bit
LTE Long Term Evolution
MAC Media Access Control
MAP Upstream Bandwidth Allocation Map
MB Message Block
MC Message Channel
M-CMTS Modular Cable Modem Termination System
MER Modulation Error Ratio
MHz Megahertz
MMM MAC Management Message
ms Millisecond
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSM Maximum Scheduled Minislots
Msym/s Megasymbols Per Second
MTC Multiple Transmit Channel (Mode)
MULPI MAC and Upper Layer Protocols Interface
mV Millivolt
NCP Next Codeword Pointer
NMS Network Management System
ns Nanosecond
NSI Network Side Interface
NTSC National Television System Committee
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
OOB Out-Of-Band
OSSI Operations Support System Interface
P Pilot
PAPR Peak-To-Average Power Ratio
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PER Packet Error Ratio
PHY Physical Layer
pk-pk Peak-To-Peak
Pkt Packet
PLC PHY Link Channel
PN Pseudorandom Number
PRBS Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence
Pre-eq Pre-Equalization
ps Picosecond
PSD Power Spectral Density
Ptr Pointer
Q Quadrature

QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QC-LDPC Quasi-Cyclic Low-Density Parity Check
QoS Quality Of Service
QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
RC Raised Cosine
RCS Receive Channel Set
REQ Request
RF Radio Frequency
RFC Request For Comments
RFI Radio Frequency Interface
RFoG Radio Frequency Over Glass
RL Return Loss
RMS Root Mean Square
RP Roll-Off Period
R-S Reed-Solomon
RX 1) Receive; 2) Receiver
s Second
SAC Standardization Administration of The People's Republic of China
S-CDMA Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access
SCN Signal-To-Composite Noise (Ratio)
SC-QAM Single Carrier Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
SCTE Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
SEC Security
SID Service Identifier
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNR Signal-to-Noise Ratio
STD Standard Frequencies
TCM Trellis Coded Modulation
TCS Transmit Channel Set
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TEI TDM Emulation Interface
TS Time Stamp
TV Television
TX 1) Transmit; 2) Transmitter
UCD Upstream Channel Descriptor
UGHB Under-Grant Hold Bandwidth
UGHU Under-Grant Hold Number of Users
UID Unique Identifier
URL Uniform Resource Locator
US Upstream
XOR Exclusive Or
XMOD Cross Modulation
ZBL Zero-Bit-Loaded or Zero Bit-Loading



  • CableLabs icon from [link

  • DOCSIS® 3.1 Physical Layer Specification CM-SP-PHYv3.1-I17-190917 [link]



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