A Fix for "You don't have permission to create items on this site: https://yoursite.sharepoint.com/sites/pwa"

September 25, 2019

 This post provides a solution to errors like:


"You don't have permission to create items on this site: https://centennialsoftware.sharepoint.com/sites/pwa. Change your default PWA site or request permission to this site."



Step #1: Go to https://www.office.com/ 

Step #2: Sign in

Step #3: Click Admin

 Step #4: Click Show all

 Step #5: Click SharePoint

 Step #6: Click Active sites

 Step #7: Click Project Web App

 Step #8: Click Add or remove admins


Step #9: Add or remove admins for this site

A) Enter the name of the person getting the error

B) Click Save





Microsoft Project Web App icon from [link]


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