A Quick debugfs Example

March 7, 2018


This posts shows how to create, build and run a quick debugfs tree on QEMU. 




If you want to build and run the code go through Build the Linux kernel and Busybox and run them on QEMU


The Code



Build It


1. Set up a few variables

2. Save the code to a file called

3. Edit this file

4. Add this line at the top

5. Build the kernel

If you see something like:

Things are likely working.



Run It


1. Open a new terminal


2. Run

If you see something like (you may need to hit Enter to get the prompt):

Things are likely working.



Test It


1. On the terminal in QEMU run

 If you see lots of output like:

Things are likely working.





Used https://www.freeformatter.com/html-escape.html



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