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Quickly Enable cscope in Vim

May 1, 2018



 This post list a set of steps to quickly start browsing code in vim. Its a short version of http://cscope.sourceforge.net/cscope_vim_tutorial.html


1. Install cscope with:


2. Make ~/.vim/plugin


3. Copy this into a file called ~/.vim/plugin/cscope_maps.vim:


4. Run this in your source tree:

The cscope status bar will grow:


Until it completes:



5. Type Control+d to quit.


6.  Open a source file. Move the cursor over a symbol and type: Control+\ s.




A potentially more useful method is to present the result in a split window. With the cursor over the symbol of interest, type Control+spacebar s. Type Control+w arrowkey to enter the window. With the window selected, type Control+w q to close the window.


Note 2


In addition to s you can use these: 

...from ~/.vim/plugin/cscope_maps.vim


7. Type the # of the result. 




Type 2 to jump to cdns_wdt_probe 


8. Type Control+t to get back to where you were, i.e. "popping off the tag stack"




GNU image from link


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