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  • Zach Pfeffer

Edit local.conf in a PetaLinux Build

This post discusses how to edit "local.conf" in a build managed by PetaLinux Tools.

How To Edit local.conf

Put your changes in ./project-spec/meta-user/conf/petalinuxbsp.conf to "edit" conf/local.conf.


PetaLinux Tools stores local.conf at build/conf/local.conf.

Any changes you make to local.conf are lost because PetaLinux Tools 2017.4 generates local.conf.

To allow people to "edit" local.conf PetaLinux Tools generates this line at the end of local.conf:

This line ensures that conf/petalinuxbsp.conf is read when local.conf.


The Xilinx + Yocto graphic is an amalgamation of Xilinx and Yocto icons.


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