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  • Zach Pfeffer

SWUpdate a BOOT.bin

This post shows a way to write a fallback BOOT.bin to QSPI using SWUpdate


  • This posts uses PetaLinux Tools 2017.4 and Swupdate v2017.1.0.

  • If you need help installing PetaLinux Tools 2017.4 take a look: here.

  • ​This post also requires SWUpdate running on the target.

  • If you need help installing SWUpdate into a build using PetaLinux Tools look: here.


1. Create a bootimage.bif

2. Create BOOT.bin


3. Create demo BOOT.bins is you need to

You can extract the cpio archive with this to check it:

4. Update ./project-spec/meta-user/recipes-bsp/device-tree/files/system-user.dtsi to create the partitions

5. Rebuild the device-tree

Note: the first build lets you check the device-tree. The second does everything else.

6. Transfer my-software_1.0.swu to the target

7. Program the main image with

8. Program the alternative image with

Note, if you see:

You may be trying to call swupdate with the -i in the wrong place. This will cause the above error: 9. Once you have the main and alt BOOT.bin programmed to test that the first BOOT.bin was booted, you should see in XSCT:

10. To test that the second BOOT.bin was booted erase the first 32 kB of the mtd3 from the target with:

Reset the device.

Now you should see the following in XSCT:


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