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  • Zach Pfeffer

Versal AI Edge Device - Essential Licensing Instructions for Early Silicon Users ( TE0950-02-EGBE21A )

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This post is meant to help anyone searching for how to bring up a board with an AMD Versal™ AI Edge XCVE2302-1LSESFVA784 device (engineering sample), such as the TE0950-02-EGBE21A from Trenz.

Board Documentation


Pictures of the board so you'll be able to tell:

TE0950-02-EGBE21A label

Top of the TE0950-02-EGBE21A board

Bottom of the TE0950-02-EGBE21A board

Your board requires special licensing for tool access.

Here's a guide to help you navigate the licensing process:

1. Vitis/Vivado License: Your board's ES silicon necessitates a unique license, not covered by the standard support in Vitis/Vivado tools. To obtain this ES license, you'll need to contact AMD.

2. PDI License: Accessing the device in the tool does not automatically enable you to generate a PDI. For this capability, registration at the Errata Lounge is necessary. Post-registration, AMD will approve your request, and you'll receive the license to generate PDI files.

3. Vitis AI Support: If your work involves implementing a CNN inference model using Vitis AI, you'll require access to the EA DPU. This is available through a separate registration process. Please be aware that the C20B1 DPU provided is specifically for early-access customers. It's functional for development but lacks optimizations to exploit the full performance potential of the silicon.

Additional Resources

PDI stands for "Programmable Device Image"

"A Brief Overview of the Versal Boot files"

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