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  • Zach Pfeffer

Which Linux kernel is PetaLinux Tools using?

This post shows you a way to figure out which Linux kernel PetaLinux Tools is pulling in.

Versions Used

PetaLinux 2017.4 (install help at link , creating a PetaLinux build help at link)


If you hit an issue you need to know _exactly_ which source code tree you're working with and the exact version of that tree.


1. In your PetaLinux build search for "Documentation"

You should see:

The Linux kernel "Documentation" folder is in the root folder of the kernel so the kernel is at:

2. Cd into the root of the checked out kernel tree:

3. Look at the HEAD commit

You should see:

6. Click on Commits

7. Click on the b45e90

8. Click on Browse files


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