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  • Zach Pfeffer

Ride to DIA

This is a post about the bicycle ride I took to DIA and back on August 7th 2018. Its mostly a place to put the pictures I took along the way.

Here's the Strava link:

Here's 85 and 22:

From above:

A little further down 22:

Sunrise from the parking lot of the Reunion Starbucks where I got a short black coffee:

From above:

Another shot. I think the first one's better.

A cool shot from out 88. You can't get to DIA this way despite what Google says. There's a gate and a guard. See, in the distance? 88 seemed like a great road to ride on. That could have been because it was early. There is a huge smelly dump you pass. It does kind of seem like what roads will look like a month after a zombie apocalypse.

From above:

On the dirt road I took instead of going back 88.

A DIA shot from the approach path. Thought most people will never get to see it in this light (or at all since its way out of the way).

This is the gate the blocks off the runways where planes come in:

From above:

The following 3 photos are from the same intersection. I thought these cattails were very pretty:

From above:

Caught this shot coming back on 160:

And this one right before I was blessed with a huge rain/little hail storm.

Overall the ride was great. I road my Cannondale (old pic of when it was new, the bar tape is red now, it has Ultegra cranks and the wheels are just regular spoked):

If you do this ride, and you decide to turn on Powhaton Rd, its a bit washboardy for the first few miles, before turning into a nearly paved "tar road." Its do-able on a road bike, but I'd watch out.

Powhaton Rd shown here:

Planning on doing Ft Collin's next weekend.

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