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  • Zach Pfeffer

NASA 2020 SBIR/STTR "Identification and Significance of the Innovation" and "Image Ti

This post lists the text of the "Identification and Significance of the Innovation" and in the "Image Title (Optional)" help pop-up on the "Briefing Chart" online form.

Identification and Significance of the Innovation help text:

To best assist decision makers in understanding the merit of your proposed technology solution, the following are key points to include: • Clear statement of "why" the idea is important - address the outstanding performance being promised and the degree to which the concept is new and different. • Honest assessment of the state-of-the-art (SOA) with the key performance parameters (KPP). • Quantitative assertions (e.g., x% improvement of y, x kg of mass saving, x meters of accuracy, code is x faster or z more accurate, etc.). • Expression of the problem/need in terms common to the decision maker and to a wider audience who may not all be experts in your field.

Image Title (Optional) help text:

Choose an image to display in your briefing chart. This can be any image related to your proposal. The uploaded image will be scaled to 340x200 pixels in the generated chart.


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