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Diagnostic Log and Trace Daemon Install and Smoke Test Walk Through

April 9, 2018


This post walks through installing the dlt-daemon on Ubuntu 16.04.2 and smoke testing it.




1. Install the dependencies


Open a terminal and type:

Type 'Y' when prompted. 


2. Clone the source


3. Build it

Run these commands:

Command output


Output from cmake ..


Output from make


 Output from sudo make install


Output from sudo ldconfig



Output from sudo ldconfig -v (verbose option)


4. Create api documentation


First pull in Doxygen (this step is not listed in the instructions)

Type 'Y' when prompted.


Then type:

I created the Doxygen output and hosted it here


Test it


1. Create dltdemo.c or clone https://github.com/pfefferz/dltdemo


dltdemo.c at link


2. Make it with

3. Test it with

 Note: when I ran ./dltdemo without touching /tmp/dlt I got an error.



  • The install instructions by Alexander Wenzel <Alexander.AW.Wenzel@bmw.de> are at link

  • The user manual also by Alexander is at link

  • Used the free HTML Escape / Unescape tool at link to put the post together


Additional Info

  • The dlt-daemon comes from GENIVI. From link, GENIVI is a "nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) software and providing open technology for the connected car." There members are listed here.

  • The DLT Wiki can be found at this link.


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