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  • Zach Pfeffer

Rebuild PMUFW and load it

This post describes how to rebuild PMUFW in PetaLinux Tools 2017.4.


  • An installation of PetaLinux Tools 2017.4 - HOWTO

  • A PetaLinux Tools ZU+ project that's been built - HOWTO


1. Access bitbake

Note: I fairly certain you must use bitbake because you can't pass pmufw to petalinux-build via the "-c" option.

2. Make a change in:


The source gets copied from:

...when a configure is run:


Your changes in:

...will be overwritten if you do a configure

3. Rebuild PMUFW

4. Copy the result to the output directory

5. Load it

XSCT Output


  • The Xilinx + Yocto graphic is an amalgamation of Xilinx and Yocto icons

  • Free Online HTML Escape / Unescape Tool - @ link

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